Turn ‘interactions’ into a real relationship

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could meet someone exceptional and have your relationship simply... take off? Conversations would flow naturally, from flirting to the first date...from the first date to the second...and finally the third... You'd fall in love with each other, have an exclusive relationship, and end up happy and in love.

Rather than that, you get trapped in countless messaging traps that go nowhere. Dating seems to be an enormous amount of labor. And just when you believe you've established a 'relationship,' they ghost you and you're back to square one. It's enough to leave you drained, discouraged, and completely without hope.

I understand how you feel... and I can help! Every day I help millions of people through my TikTok channel and receive thousands of dating questions and comments. I have studied these questions carefully and used them to write the e-book "67 texts that lead to REAL relationships".


Texts that lead to REAL relationships

67 customisable text messages to send during the sensitive early dating phases in order to end useless 'interactions,' get off your phone, and into a genuine relationship.

Each message is explained using bite-sized principles of attraction psychology. (You'll always understand why they operate, which allows you to adjust them to your own voice, making each word natural and true.)

Avoid the texting dead end: These texts will rapidly bring you to an in-person date...and each following date.

My Exclusive ConTEXTualize Scale assigns a value to each message based on the stage of your relationship, so you'll always know whether or not to send that text (no more accidental "level-jumping").

Each communication is intended to generate momentum with a new connection, maintain momentum in an existing relationship, or re-establish momentum in a relationship that has lapsed into inactivity.

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