choose positive thoughts and change your mindset

You're most likely in for a great surprise!

What?! Your emotions do not always originate where you believe they do. This guide will assist you in gaining awareness and determining where they ARE coming from in order to effect change. The true surprise is one that many find difficult to swallow: your own ideas are responsible for all of your experiences.

What is the good news? You are entirely in charge of your thoughts and emotions. Your brain can be retrained.

a 30 day challenge...

that transforms your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

What's on your mind; This is where you just dump all your thoughts on a topic I event out. Don't overthink this part. Off the top of your head, just write out what's happened and how you're feeling.

choose your feelings; You'll need to choose one singular feeling to explore for the next section. To do this, consider what you're feeling the strongest.

choose your thoughts; From there, you're going to re-read this and prioritize the most unsettling singular thought causing your singular feeling and write it in.

Believing Your Thoughts; The next important piece, is catching yourself when you are automatically believing all your thoughts.

Your brain can be retrained.

That's why I made the choosing positivity challenge

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