Are You Sick and Tired of Texting That Goes Nowhere?

These Text Messages Get You Off Your Phone and Into a REAL Relationship

Turn ‘interactions’ into a real relationship

Wish you could meet someone amazing and your relationship would just... take off? Conversations would happen organically, you’d flow from flirting to first date...from first date to second...then third...You’d fall for each other, get exclusive, and end up happy and in love?

Instead, you get stuck in endless texting traps that lead nowhere. Dating feels like so. much. work. And just when you think a ‘connection’ has gotten off the ground, they ghost you and you’re back to square one. It’s enough to make you feel burned out, demoralized, and just plain hopeless.

I understand how you feel. And I can help. I’m Matthew Hussey, and as the leading dating authority for women, I’ve helped millions get the relationship they deserve with practical proven advice. And I’ll do the same for you.


The Momentum Texts

67 customizable text messages you can use in the delicate early dating stages so you can stop having fruitless ‘interactions,’ get off your phone and into a realrelationship.

Bite-sized principles of attraction psychology explain each message.(You’ll always knowwhythey work, so you can tailor them to your voice, making each word natural and authentic to you.)

Escape the dead-end texting trap: These messages quickly get you to an in-person date...and each date after that.

My Exclusive ConTEXTualize Scale rates each message by your relationship stage so you’ll always know if it’s appropriate to send that text (no more accidental "level-jumping").

Each message is designed to create momentumwith a new connection, build momentum in an existing relationship, or regain momentum if it goes cold.