6 days training: The power of intention


Intention is often considered as a special type of tenacity motivating one to achieve at all costs by never giving up on an inner image. When it comes to success, hard effort and an insatiable desire for perfection are the keys, according to this perspective. In this 6-day course, on the other hand, the concept of intention is treated quite differently.

As part of our research into the nature of creation, we looked at the role of intention. During this training, you'll learn about intention as something you do and as something you're connected to. We're all destined here by the unseen force of intention. This 6 days program takes a closer look at intention as a field of energy that you can access to begin co-creating your life using the power of intention.


  28-03-2022 untill 02-04-2022

  Every day LIVE @ 21:00 CET  (European Time)

This is for you if you are...

- Wanting to improve your results
- Feeling stuck or blocked
- Wanting to start to master your thoughts to create success
- Excited to unlock your potential
- Getting started on your personal development journey
- Feeling lost or not making progress towards your goals
- On the journey of discovering and sharing your special gift with the world
- Ready to access your inner power
- Ready to move towards your goals and dreams
- Feeling scared, anxious or fearful
- Wanting direction and clarity on how to get what you want
- Wanting to activate your inner power

This course includes:

- 6 hours live & on-demand video

- 9 downloadable resources

- Full lifetime access

- Access on mobile

What you can expext

Discovering the Art of Co-Creating Your Own Reality


Viewing Intention from a Different Angle

You'll transform your thinking from a strictly psychological or personal-growth focus to a more spiritual orientation that emphasizes healing, miracles, manifesting, and connecting with divine intelligence as actual possibilities. When you learn to tap this power, it relieves you of the apparently impossible challenge of attempting to satisfy wishes via pure force of will.


The Seven Faces of Intention

We can physically sense, connect with, know, and trust intention. It's something we instinctively sense but can't quite put into words. We may not be able to see electricity, but its effects are easily recognized. These Seven Faces helps us in recognizing the presence of intention:

- The face of creativity;
- The face of kindness;
- The face of love;
- The face of beauty;
- The face of expansion;
- The face of unlimited abundance;
- The face of receptivity;

DAY 3:

Making a Connection With Intention

You're probably wondering how you're supposed to connect to this power. The idea is to live your life by the Seven Faces of Intention. You harmonize and thereby connect with purpose as you present yourself as intention expresses itself.

Once you've linked, you'll be able to co-create with purpose everything you want in life. The best way to connect with Spirit and access the power of this creating principle is to constantly imagine yourself as being surrounded by the conditions you want to create.


Challenges in Connecting to Intention

There are three areas that serve as stumbling obstacles to connecting with purpose.

Your Inner Dialogue: You will continue to materialize your present condition by thinking about what is lacking in your life or what has always been. Your circumstances will not change unless you begin to connect your thoughts with purpose - concentrating on what you desire.

Your Energy Level: If we surround ourselves with individuals who vibrate at a lower energy level and don't watch where our energy level is (where our thoughts are), we may wind up matching their energy level. However, by maintaining your ideas on a higher plane, you will increase theirs as well.

Your Self-Importance: When the self becomes the primary center of our life, we entirely disconnect from the power of intention. Ego is merely a self-perceived identity that you carry around with you. During this course, we will go over seven stages to overcome the ego's grip on you.


Your Influence on Others When It Is Connected to Intention

As you become more aligned with the seven faces of purpose, you'll see that you're having a significant influence on people in ways you've never seen before. We present the notion of the "holy connection" throughout this training day.

Be aware of the influence you make on people. Remember that by elevating your level of energy (your thoughts and actions) to be in alignment with purpose, you become an instrument for good in this life.

Day 6

Infinity and Intention

We live in an endless cosmos that has neither origin or end. If that is life, and life is everlasting, then our bodies with all of their accomplishments and belongings — which begin and end in dust — cannot be life. It takes some mental effort to adjust your perspective from viewing yourself as an infinite entity experiencing a human experience to seeing yourself as a human being enjoying occasional spiritual experiences. However, if you embrace this, you will have a permanent connection to the power of purpose.